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What Is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, which connects your computer to a server that is secure. SSL is typically used to transfer your credit card details, personal information, banking details and tax information over to another business server.

Lauren Drell, at Mashable, writes that if you have an e-commerce website where you sell anything, then you should secure your site using an SSL certificate. This is to guarantee to your customers that their information won’t be stolen and that they will not fall victim to identity theft.

The Top SSL Certificate Providers

The thing with SSL certificate providers is that it is usually a matter of who’s popular. For example, if you have a customer who does not know what Verisign or Comodo is then chances are he would not care about this. However, to a cautious customer, having his pages authenticated and verified by these companies will go a long way in assuring him that his site is safe.

Offerings from different providers are mostly similar to one another. Packages offered and the features included in these packages are largely similar as well.

Who are the top SSL certificate providers?

This depends on your needs, the features that you want, how popular and trusted these providers are, as well as the prices for the things that you need. Also, a note of warning: You might think that certificate authorities are infallible, but they are not. Look at what happened with DigiNotar in 2011. On July 10, DigiNotar’s certificates were found to be compromised, leading the company to eventually file for bankruptcy. Hackers made off with hundreds of certificates, including one for Google that was used for spying in Iran.

Customers for those using DigiNotar were freaked out and even lost some sales until the company got another SSL certificate provider up and running. They not only wasted time in getting another certificate provider up but they also lost trust while seeing their reputation damaged. So be sure that you are getting real security by choosing a SSL certificate provider that really works hard to protect and secure the sites under their care.


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Lets Encrypt, Comodo, McAfee, TrustedSite, Trusted Shops


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